Monday, August 1, 2016

7-31-16 ~Show Your Face ~ 25 Face Quick Draw

Show Your Face over at Kim Dellow's blog.
The prompt for July was Draw Quick Faces 

Last night after by chance seeing Kim's blog in a friend's bloglist, 
I paid it a visit and found something I need to do...learn to draw faces.
They are the hardest things along with perspective that face me.
She posted the cutest page of faces she had drawn and here is the link:
There are also some beautiful faces that other people have drawn.

Instead of posting a single picture of a face, she drew a page of little faces. After looking at hers, I got the idea to try to do something similar so I divided the left hand page in one of my art journals into 25 sections practicing my stippling to create the lines. Then I started drawing. Here is mine.

Now the prompt for August is a REAL toughie...
"Change Hands"
Use your non-dominant hand to draw faces. 
That would be my left.
I am going to use the right side page to see how I do as a comparison.
Wish me luck. Heaven only knows what they are going to look like.

1 comment:

  1. I think your faces are brilliant - so many characters :)
    I shall look forward to seeing what you create with your left hand in August.
    Gill x