Saturday, August 13, 2016

8-12-16 ~ My Week in Art ~ Day 1 and Day 2 ~ Genie Robinson

My Etegami This Week

My Stippling This Week

First I sketched from a photo I had taken a picture of North Mountain popping up its head threw a bobbed wire stretched fencing and power lines. I do not like in general the way it turns out, but I love my fencing.That top piece was really curved and way up above the rest. Maybe a larger animal stretched it trying to jump to freedom.

 Just for Fun

Oh, how i miss my quilting, but my sitting with my back does not allow it.
Last week I saw where one of our bloggers (I cannot remember who...I'betting old) but it immediately reminded me of just how addicted I am to Hershey bars...DAY and NIGHT ( I always eat one before I go to bed) ...and MIDDLE OF NIGHT. I know they are bad for me especially at night considering the sugar on my teeth,  my digestion cycle , and sleep, but I still wake up and head for the fridge (they get soft here from the hot weather) tiptoeing TRYING to be quiet so Buddy does not hear me...hehehe.  That is so silly. He always hears me and knows what I am up to :=-)

One night I was thinking about my quilt and the beautiful vintage silk one my DIL gave to me, I decided to try creating a Doodle Quilt. This was so much fun.

 While walking I saw many, many Passion Flowers on the trail. They are very prolific at this time of year. I had never seen them before so I took some pictures and then came home and had a bit of doodling fun with it. The most fun was adding color though the petals on Passion Flowers here is usually blue or lavender.

Last but not least, I have joined a group called 365 Days of Spirit Art sponsored by Nancy Baumiller.
This group is not for experienced artists in all sorts of medium, a beginner is welcomed. You can join in at any time. Nancy has created a Face Book page for all of our contributions:
Art2Hearts. I have only made Pages 1and 2, but it is a start.

The Beginning

 Page 1  - My Truths

Page 2 - Be Brave

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  1. You've had a great and fun art week, that's for sure, but I wish you hadn't mentioned Hershey bars - sigh!! Happy PPf, Hugs, Valerie.

  2. These are great. Definitely in the Genie style which I admire. I like your quilting through art piece - a great way to continue doing something you enjoy in a different fashion. Great quote in the upper right corner of your "Who am I piece." Love it. Adding watercolor to your inkwork really brings the piece to a whole other level. Keep on doing what you do so good. Yes, I too sneak a Hershey's Kiss every evening. Life's too short to live it without chocolate.

  3. lots of nice art :)

    I can't stand Hersey chocolate anymore, just tastes off/bad now i've had chocolate here. do like the cookies and cream bars still tho :)

  4. Thanks for sharing your journal pages with us. I luv the doodles best

    Much love...

  5. Wow Genie, you have had a wonderful creative week with all these fantastic pages. You have some super doodling ones that have an enormous amount of details.
    Yvonne xx

  6. hello genie I have enjoyed looking through your blog at the wonderful photos of VA and the farms and mountains and your little drawings..thanks for visiting my blog too

  7. Thank you for commenting on my post because that brought me here to your blog full of creativity. Wonderful!

  8. Lots of creativity this week. Hope your back is on the mend.

  9. Oh my! So much beautiful art. I love the air balloon and that piece with the adorable little blue bird. You did an incredible job with the passion flower. I've photographed them, but they look like such a challenge to draw. Yours is beautiful.

  10. lovely art this week, that beautiful quilt sticks out in my mind! I thought I was at Carol's blog when I saw the cute etegami!

  11. Love your hershey bar story!! Wonderful detail rich pages!! Love hershey bar and flower ones best!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. I love your etegami card. The intricacy of your tangling and doodling is incredible too. Thanks for your earlier visit to my blog. BTW, I got my principal certification this summer, but did not get a position yet. Blessings!

  13. Genie you are so talented and funny (the lemon/lime made me laugh out loud).

  14. love your doodling. But I never heard of that bar. Soudns like a tasty one :)

  15. Wow, you do so much drawing and so colourful and fun. I love it all.

  16. Love your etegami ~ it is 'spot on' and so delightful along with your other art works ~ Wow! Busy lady with your creative styles!

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

  17. I adore your sketches, love the whimsy, the color, the freshness!!!!

  18. I enjoyed looking at all your artwork Genie, and the lemon-lime quote had me smiling.

  19. Wow! so much art this week. I really like them all but my fave is the passion flower. Well done.

  20. You are multi-talented Genie!
    Me? I can't draw a decent circle...

  21. Wonderful sketches, love the humorous touch on them.
    Have a happy weekend xx