Sunday, August 7, 2016

8-7-16 ~ It's Sunday and Time for Tom's Barn Collective

Come and join us at Tom's Barn Collective.

All of the following pictures were taken as I was driving Through Stuart's Draft, VA, to watch and wait while Buddy run another  crazy marathon....5 times up and down the same mountain. All I can say it is one killer of a run and only 50% finished....and my buy did it! I am SO proud of him. He can barely walk today, but he will be back hitting the pavement tomorrow. Like I have said...he is my Ever Ready Bunny that just keeps running, biking, and hiking ALL the time.

Clover Hill Farm ~ Stuart's Draft, Virginia

...And Here Are Some of the Race Pictures
It had to be 100 degrees. 


  1. good for him for doing the marathon :)

  2. Beautiful scenery!
    I hope no one passed out from the heat

  3. OK Genie, your Buddy has a lot more on the ball this I do! Enough said! Clover Hill Farms sure looks like quite the spread. Thank for your visit and please stop by again soon.

  4. Lovely scenery and flowers and I like that big white house, but what really catches my eye is the sun and blue blue skies, a rarity here at the moment.
    That's great that Buddy still runs a marathon - up and down a mountain sounds very difficult, and in that heat too.