Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playing with My Embroidery Machine

This machine is awesome, but has NOT been one I could just pick up and start using successfully. I have done a lot of “trial and error” work, and I have a long, long ways to go. Some letters come out better than others. The “T” is giving me bunches of trouble because I am OCD on everything being geometrically correct and lined up just so-so. The upper case T’s leave a tiny little break in the thread at the top middle of the letter, and it’s driving me nuts. Patience is definitely going to be the order of the day as I learn to use this machine. The needle threader is GREAT!!!! The one on the quilting machine was a pain in the neck from the beginning, and it no longer even comes near to working; this one is wonderful. It works without failure and makes my life so much less complicated. My eyes love it! The thread cutter is just icing on the cake. It’s like getting the best present ever from Santa. No more do I find myself looking for the scissors I mistakingly knocked on the floor. Maybe I will be lucky and find a tutorial for using the machine. That would be a great find!

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