Thursday, March 4, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt

My nephew, Gabe, will be 8 years old this year, and I wanted to make him a little quilt for his bunk bed. I call it his “Henry T-Shirt Quilt”. Two years ago my daughter made my grandson, Henry, a great quilt top from his favorite outgrown T-shirts and used warm and wonderful feeling fleece for the backing. I thought it was such a neat idea it I decided to make one for him. I used 12 t-shirt squares - all the fronts and a few of the backs - and the side borders and backing were navy fleece. I made a small pillow, 2 pillow cases out of the extra T-shirts, and the left over pieces of cotton I stripped together for the binding. It was a fun project, and for it the fleece worked out great. Once again, I used the Heritage batting for the center. The end product was one warm, soft, and cozy quilt that fits his bunk bed perfectly. After completing the project, I actually found a good site to go to for help named Tee Shirt Quilts. It is full of pictures, suggestions, and instructions that are easy to understand and follow.

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