Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now We Have Matching Bags for the Girls + Jewelry

Everytime I think I am finished, I come up with another idea...both girls beed a pocket book! About the time I completed those, one of my fellow teachers decided she wanted one of the little sundresses for her 5 year old to wear to her “graduation” next Thursday. Well,  now I’m making her one from the daisies on the pick fabric.  She was so tickled she made each of the girls a little necklace and a bracelet to wear with their outfits.  These are the little things that make sewing those one of a kind outfits so much fun to create....and spur of the moment gifting is just the best feeling in the world.  To see the big smile on the face of the recipient warms my heart. Now Reagan, Eloise, and Georgia will have matching dresses all based upon Amy’s precious "sundress pattern,” and they will all three have their little pocket books.

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  1. Hi Genie, Thanks for popping in and congratulations on your grandson's graduation from high school! Isn't it the greatest?!?
    I'm sure the other five will fly right through, time goes SO fast!! Enjoy them!