Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Questions for 9-30-10

I am joining Blessing Reflections' Meme Thursday Two Questions today. Here are my two questions for this week:

1.  If female middle school students are required to have their skirt or shorts lengths no higher than the tip of their fingers when their arms are held flat at their sides, shouldn’t teachers be held to the same standard?

2. Does driving with your windows open really use up more gas than when they are closed?


  1. 1) Well-said but I doubt many teachers will follow.. I just stepped foot in teaching sector two years back and I always wore long skirt or pants to school.. I don't know but I feel that is only right but I have other teachers telling me, I'm being old-fashion..

    2)Hmm, I can't really answer to that since I am not driving but according to my guy, he told me that irregular speeds will use up more gas..

  2. Great questions!

    1. I think the teacher should abide to the dress code as students. After all, they are consider role models to these kids.

    2. It doesn't seem possible. I thought using air conditioning will use up more gas.

  3. 1) Absolutely, teachers should also be expected to match the dress code. Whether or not, they choose to dress more conservatively is entirely up to the individual, but I don't think female teachers should be allowed to wear mini-skirts or dresses on the job. Finger length is even a bit too short in my opinion, but some would argue that I'm being old-fashion.

    2) Supposedly driving with your windows down causes drag on the car, which in turn makes your vehicle burn more fuel. The less wind resistance a vehicle gets the better the gas mileage will be.

  4. 1- There should be standards for all students, faculty and teachers. I'm biased because I wore uniforms when I went to school and was taught by nuns. No problem with dress length with

    2- My hubby says the air currents coming in a open window creates drag and that uses more gas.

    Good questions.

  5. 1) I have seen Elementary teacher wearing shorter skirt than their students. Which is a shame since she is so much older too.

    2) I think it would take less gas if we open the window while traveling.

    Thanks for joining!

  6. The answer to your fist question is most definitely yes. I teacher is a role model and a leader and has even more responsiblity to choose his or her wardrobe wisely. I was a middle school teacher over a span of 30 years and found that when I dressed well, my students took notice. Discipline problems were less, and some of the students made comments, such as "I like your outfit, Ms. Duarte, or "You look nice today." Yes, this from 12 and 13 and 14-year olds!

    As far a driving with the windows down, using more gas is worth it. Some things are just worth the price. Heck, you can also turn off the air conditioning, which is a drain on the engine and therefore using more gas.

  7. Teachers should set examples for children and they should abide by the clothing rules.

  8. My blog is sillshill.blogspot. Teachers should abide by the clothing rules as the children and should set examples for them.

  9. My blog is sillshill.blogspot. Teachers should abide by the clothing rules as the children and should set examples for them.

  10. Hi there, great questions!
    1) Yes! They should be accounted for the same rules. Was there a teacher that dressed inappropriately that you heard of? wow...just curious.
    2) I have always wondered that, and I told my SO that it depends on the speed you're driving. For example, if you're driving very fast, the air from the window could be pulling back your car- again depends on the direction. Generally speaking, it is best to have the air on because it is supposed to be better in saving gas.

  11. Yes to number one.
    The second question.....I have always doubted that. I guess it just depends if you like to have the windows open, I do when I am driving around town.