Sunday, October 17, 2010

M.E. Monday ~ 10-18-10

Today is M.E. Monday sponsored by our Vicki over at Cherry Chick Jewelry.  Her blog is very special so stop by, pay her a visit, and then look at the posts for the other gals that love Mary Engelbreit like she does.

A while back I found my little M.E. lunchbox which was supposed to be holding all my M.E. paper dolls, but sadly the paper dolls were missing.  I searched and searched to no avail...not good. Last week I decided to go into our local gift shop, Sunday’s Child, to see the new M.E. calendars that had arrived.. Well, I hit the jackpot. Before Lucia, the owner, discarded all the M.E. magazines she had not sold, she pulled out the paper dolls and put them in a box marked with “$1.00 per sheet". Well, I smiled nicely and asked her if she would make me a deal if I cleaned her out. She asked if  25 cents each be OK?DUH....come on, Lucia....what do you think? Well, I took them, and she put them all in a bag and rang them up with get this 30% discount off the total price because of my Chamber of Commerce card... we have one because my husband works at our local “outfitters” store. I went out of there a happy camper with a bounce in my step.


  1. Yeah, you found some. I hope my others show up soon.

  2. Something is strange with your site! As my mouse moves over things, the entire page sort of jumps up and down. Very odd.

    I do love the paper dolls. You were so lucky!

  3. LOL...oh how awesome you found some. I can't believe you used the 30% Chamber discount, too!
    They're just darling. Thanks for sharing with me on ME Monday.

  4. great find. My Freckles has a bubnch of ME paper dolls from the years we had the subscription...i miss ME magazine!!! Hugs,Mica