Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alphabe Thursday ~ “G”

This week our letter is the Great and Glamorous G. I immediately thought of my name ~ Genie ~ but then I realized I had already covered it when I wrote about “Eugenia.”

 “Oops!” I said to myself. “I can’t use that one again...if I do I won’t get a passing grade on my assignment.”

It was time to start thinking of what I could write so I googled “G" words to find the one I wanted to choose. Well, much to my amazement I hit upon the neatest site called “Your Dictionary." Not only did it send me to other sites devoted to the letter “G”, but it said everything I wanted to say so well I decided to use it word for word. There is no way I could say it all any better. I know as a student I am not allowed to pass off another’s words for my own ~ that is plagiarism ~ so I am telling you in advance that these are NOT my words but rather those of “Your Dictionary.”

"The letter G is a pretty good letter, all things considered. The most famous baby talk words begin with the letter G: ga ga goo goo. Lots of other words begin with the letter G like God, gorgeous, grand, and golf (we all know how much golf lovers love their golf!).If you are hungry, you might like to eat some Good n’ Plenties, and if you are sleepy, you might like to get a good night sleep; in both cases, you would need letter G to describe your activities. Since the letter “g” os so important, lets get going on naming great G words.(yourdictionary 1,2,3)


- G is the 7th letter of the English alphabet and the fifth consonant
- The letter “G” is one of the least geometrical letters in the alphabet - ironic, since the word geometry starts with a g
-G, in its original form, was considered to be sacred by the Pythagorens
-G is used today as one of the letters in the Masonic emblem
-There are 3 G’s in the scrabble tiles in the English version of the game, each worth 2 points


Since G is such a great letter, you would think that G words would appear often on the list of top 100 most common words in the English language. After all, this list makes up approximately 1/3 of all printed material in English. However, you’d be wrong. Despite all the grand G words - like grandparents and gigantic and giraffe, G appears only twice on the list of top 100 words.

     1. Go (#74)
     2. Get (#96)

Give G a little credit though, when we look to the top 300 most commonly used words in the English language. G appears 7 more times. Since the list of the top 300 most commonly used words accounts for 65% of all printed material in the English language, G words don’t seem to gleam the glory they deserve, do they?

     1. Give (#114)
     2. Good (#122)
     3. Great (#127)
     4. Got (#246)
     5. Group (#248)
     6. Grow (#263)
     7. Girl (#288)


Even though G words may not be top on the list of commonly used English words, G sure is an important word when it comes to Grammar. In fact, grammar itself starts with the letter G! Grammar is defined as the system and structure of language. I’d say that’s a pretty important concept for a G word!


     - Adjectives that Start with G: Your dictionary provides some background on the letter G, some rules about how to say this great letter G, and a list of some of the glorious G adjectives.

     -Words that begin with G: Word Over provides a gigantic list of G words. The list is grouped by the first three letters of the G words, and also provides definitions. There are some well known G words on the list, as well as obscure G words to get your attention.
     -Unusual G Words: The Phrontistery provide a glorious list of unusual G words, from the gabardine to gyve, there are sure to be some G words on this list you’ve never seen before. Definitions are provided as well.”(yourdictionary 1,2,3)                              

In closing, I hope all of you have been as fascinated by this article on the letter G as I have been. I think it is great, and I loved reading it the first time, the second time, and the third time as I was typing it in for Ms. Matlock. I know it is not my words, but there was no way I could have paraphrased it to have the finished product turn out as interesting and informative as the original. So, Ms. Matlock, I hope you like the work I have done and the way I approached the assignment. Please note at the end of the last paragraph I made reference to the internet site where I found the material. The civics teacher was kind enough to show me the NEW way to do what I used to do in a totally format.  It looks pretty silly to me, but that is the way the children reference back to an internet site. I learned a lot and had so much fun doing it. My hope is you and my classmates had fun reading it and learned something they didn’t know before.
Go to  Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday to read all the “G” writings from around the world.


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