Monday, January 24, 2011

Ruby Tuesday ~ 1-25-11 and Rednesday ~ 1-26-11

Last week I posted the red and white #1 car with its “For Sale” sign in the window and its checker board paint job on the side. When I was coming home from work today, I noticed it had been moved. In front of it was another red #1 car but this one not looking quite so good with all of its dents. These folk really must love their race cars and the color red! Just a little more local country color from my neck of the woods.
I am linking this post to Ruby Tuesday (sponsored by Work of the Poet) 
and Rednesday (sponsored by Sue Loves Cherries). Be sure to stop by both sites to see lots of cool red photos.


  1. that new one has had a hard life! Wonder if it was in a demolition derby?

    Happy Red days!!

  2. Both cars beside that old building make a very nice shot. I do believe the owners have gotten the good out of them.

  3. I think that all red car's racing days are pretty much over! It looks like it will probably live out the rest of it's life sitting right where it's at!
    Happy REDnesday!

  4. Very interesting pic ! The two cars are a contrast to one another .