Monday, March 7, 2011

M.E. Monday ~ 3-7-11 ~ When A Good Idea Runs Amuck!

I decided I would make my blogger pal another little goodie over the weekend since I did not know she had had a birthday. I’d seen the fabric you can send through an ink jet printer, but since it was a tad bit pricey I decided to make my own. From Wally World I bought some thin cotton fabric, some 2 sided very thin interfacing, and I ironed one side of it to a piece of computer paper and the other side to the fabric. After that I put the M.E. calendar page on the scanner and ran the fabric through the printer. Well, it came out great, and I immediately started machine quilting it so I could make it into a mini fabric collage for her. The plan was to add buttons and some lace and other goodies, but I never got that far. It was after it was stitch that I really messed up. Thinking it would be nice to spray it with spray starch before beginning putting the finishing touches to it, I socked the spray to the fabric. NOT GOOD! When I started ironing it, all the ink started to run and mush all over the place. Most people would probably have just thrown it away and kept the old mouth shut, but I couldn’t resist sharing my major boo-boo with all of you M.E. lovers and crafters. Here is the disaster. Hope you get a good chuckle. And, oh, remember that ink jet inks are NOT waterproof!!!!!

Here is the precious page from one of my ME calendars I got for $1.00 a piece.

Here is the faded, yucky thing after I sprayed it with the spray starch. I’m so glad I hadn’t already sewn all the buttons and other goodies on it.

O.K., Vicki....Now you understand why I’m always telling you I’m making my “prototype” goodie before making the final one for gifting. This time I was already late for your birthday so was in a hurry. Not good! Sorry about my mess intentions were good, my friend. You won’t get this disaster, but a little something is going in the mail to you tomorrow. A happy belated birthday to you and again, congrats on your birthday wishes from the one and only Mary Engelbreit.

Happy M.E. Monday to all of you.

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  1. Oh my Genie. Sometimes stuff just happens.
    Thank you so much for the perfect card and such beautiful words. I will send you an email soon. You are such a dear friend. (((((HUGS)))))

  2. Oh My, Genie! What a funny story. I know that you had truly good intentions. Not to mention you are always so creative. That is a darling illustration of Mary's. I will be totally surprised and I'm sure equally excited when the "little something" arrives in the mail. You are too sweet.

  3. Looks like my kind of luck when I try to be crafty. LOL
    Great idea though. Love the quote and illustration. ~ sarah

  4. Oh I knew what was coming and I wanted to stop you! Oh dear. I still kind of like it though - it definitely looks Mary! :)