Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ 6-6-11

Mr. Cameron
Bustleburg, VA
Many mornings on my drive to school I see Mr. Cameron -  age 96 - out on the road for his morning constitutional walk. He is amazing. Many days I stop and and we exchange a few words. Last week I finally got up the nerve to ask him if I could take his picture, and he said I could. I think he got a kick out of it considering the grin on his face. We all need to take some advice from my friend...get your exercise and you just might live to be 96.

"Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.”
  ~Mark Twain

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  1. He looks like such a nice man. Good for him.
    Tomorrow is my last day, yeah. Think of you all the time. We can catch up this summer. xo

  2. Wonderful picture of what I bet is a wonderful gentleman!
    Love what Mark Twain said about age! I am with him!
    So happy you visited my blog and I have met you!

  3. Genie, As a "one time teacher", I know just how much you are looking forward to the end of school. I'm sure you already have lots of great activities planned for the summer. Give my best to Mr. Cameron--he is very dedicated to his morning walk, and it seems to have served him well. Great picture!! Love your "Pink Saturday" tree--looks like a redbud, perhaps. Enjoy these last few days of school, and then enjoy the summer even more. Take care. Mickie :)

  4. from the smile on his face, I think Mr. Cameron enjoyed posing for this shot.:p

    oh yes, thanks for reminding me to exercise.:p

    Mellow Yellow Monday

  5. Oh my he is 96 years old. I think I have to give important notice to my exercise and I love walking too for me the best exercise because I can see, hear and feel nature around me. No ipods or music in the ear just natural sound from around. As what my hubby had said "just move around" no need to go to a gym and work your butt and pay just "move", lol!!! Give my greetings to Mr Cameron, he is now a world wide web hit! ^_^ Happy Monday!

  6. my grandpa walked miles every day and lived to be 93 so there is something in his wonderful smile...

  7. Wow that's very inspiring. My FIL is 88 and he said that the reason he is well is because he doesn't go to the doctor lol..

  8. Sprightly is the word!!
    He looks fab of 66 I would have said.
    Somebody ought to give him a proper trekking stick, that would take years off him.
    Genie, come and look at the yellow iris, which I put up for you. I remembere you liked them when you found them.

  9. Wonderful photo of a very sweet looking man. He's got a great attitude and it comes across in your photo - thanks for visiting my blog ♥

  10. No doubt he was honored you wanted to show him off. So many times seniors get shoved on the back burner. He has truly been blessed to still be so active.

  11. I like this fellow's nice grin which says a lot about how he's glad to see you.
    The advice is very good. I hope you get to know him better over the times you'll see him.