Sunday, January 5, 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching

100 Modern Quilt Block Project ~ Chapter 1 ~ Crosses

This morning I completed piecing my first set of blocks, but I have not attempted squaring  them off as yet. It was quite the learning process. I fretted and stewed about choice of fabrics, sewed a lot, and ripped a lot, but I had an awful lot of fun along the way. Even though some of the blocks did not turn out the way I would have liked, I still left them so my boo-boos would be there to remind me not to make them again. Some of them are down right awful, but there are a few I will use for my quilt when I finish working through the book. Here are a few of the things I learned:

1. Be VERY careful about the fabrics I choose because they may well sew up differently than expected. By the end of the chapter, I was cutting out small pieces and lining them up exactly like one of the sections of the block to see if the blending was good or bad. 

2. Make sure I have fabrics with a pattern cut so that the pattern is going in the correct direction. Also, make sure all my fabrics are all cotton and not a blend.

3. Mark my 1/4 inch seams. Watch my stitches so I don't get off the magic purple line.

4. Study my light and dark contrasting fabrics carefully so that I get the effect the pattern is suggesting.

5. Do not use plaids unless I am willing to be happy with pieces that are not exactly straight.

5. Think of EVERYDAY as a SLOW SUNDAY and take my time. Slow down and smell the roses. Enjoy the flow of the needle and the feel of the fabrics.

Now, it’s time to start Chapter 2 which focuses on rectangles. This book has to be the best Christmas present ever. My daughter definitely knew what her mom would like.


  1. Love your blocks! I also like your learnings list, especially #5!

  2. You have a learned a lot! Some of those made me chuckle. Been there done that! I have an electronic machine and always turn the speed down when piecing. It goes much better. Sounds like you are quick learner! The one about having fun is very important!

  3. These are some really beautiful blocks!! You made some great fabric combinations. Have fun with Chapter 2!! :)

  4. Great job on your blocks! How many do you do in each chapter? Looks like a lot! Deb (debraharryquilts.blogspot.com_

  5. Are you hand sewing or by machine. Are these tiny blocks or standard size. I ask a lot of questions don't I.
    My company is now a the airport getting ready to fly back to the West. Oh, I hate thinking of them flying in this cold weather. I will be glad when they are safely home again. Getting anxious to start my project for you. So glad you are able to stay home now and out of the cold. ((((HUGS))))

  6. You have made so much progress for only having the book since Christmas. What a great quilt this will make! I downloaded a digital version but so far have only looked. So fun to see you making so many of the blocks!

  7. I think these look great! I'm so glad you left your link in my comments so I could check them out! Never fear, mine aren't the 6.5" they're supposed to end up at.. they're 6.25" - oh well :)
    Keep going, they look amazing and you may like the ones you don't like so much now when they're in with all the others!

  8. Hi Genie - Your Tula Pink blocks look wonderful! Plus I loved reading your comments/notes regarding colors, seams and what not. You are totally inspiring me to do the sampler approach too! And by the way...Your blocks do look perfect! I do not see any boo-boos!!! :) Looking forward to seeing more of your blog posts!!