Sunday, May 1, 2016

5-1-16 ~ Sunday Sketches ~ Painting is Just Another Way of Keeping a Diary

I am having a wonderful time working through Alexandra's first two online classes. I created journals especially for her Hello Courage" class and her Watercolor 101 class, and today I finally finished making the cover. I saw a tutorial on You Tube and decided to follow it but put my own touch to it. The tutorial is "Art Journal ~ Being Creative" by Vicky Papaioannou. The quote is one I love from Picasso, the jar with the brushes is a stock photo from the internet, and the palette is mine. I came up with the idea of painting with acrylics and Gesso, and I used Ranger Texture paste and stencils. 

Art Journal Cover

 Inside Cover (In reality, the pink is a very light pink.)
Watercolor is of my granddaughter hiking with me.

 These are the swatch sheets for my two Artist's Loft watercolor sets.

First Assignment ~ Make Swatch/Color Charts
My little Koi and Windsow and Newton boxes had space in their lids 
for me to place color swatches in the order of the little trays. It is sososo helpful.

Part 1 - The Sketching Assignment 
Part 2 - Painting with Watercolors

I just finished the English Robin assignment. I was not happy with my first one, so I decided to do it over listening again and again to Alexandra's directions and pausing and staring at the computer screen as I was sketching. Boy, do I have a long way to go to learn her blending technique before I start on the flower wreath and the peacock. Our wifi out here in the boonies is so SLOW that it takes what seems like hours of buffering and then on for a bit to get thru one exercise...but it is well worth the wait :-)

I am joining in this week with Alexandra's Sunday Sketches.


  1. Cute birds glad you are enjoying the classes!

  2. Looks like your coming along beautifully with your watercolor lessons, especially that second robin. However, my absolute favorite piece here is the sweet watercolor of your granddaughter hiking. Blessings!

  3. You know I love these...I love what you do. I had noticed in those pics you sent me the swatch charts and thought what a great idea. Then in some of the videos I was watching yesterday, people had them, too.

  4. Love your art journal and glad you are having fun ~ it shows with your lovely creations!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

    ps. so good to see you again! xox

  5. Oh how wonderful! What a sweet little bird and I love the flowers especially too. What a great idea to put the swatches in the watercolor boxes!

  6. ,,,,,it is so colour- and delightful here! P.

  7. I love your art journal cover and I can identify with the quote too. I like your watercolour sketches a lot! I especially feel drawn to the one of your Granddaughter hiking with you. Great job all round! :)

  8.'s so wonderful to see your artwork posted. You're doing a fabulous job and I feel so blessed to see you share your results. Keep it up! And remember, to always believe in YOU! :)


  9. Your sketches are so darling! The one with your granddaughter is especially lovely -- great work!