Thursday, May 5, 2016

5-5-16 ~ Dream and You Can Be Your Own Hero ~ Creative Tuesdays

Today during the all day rainstorm I  put together a bit of stripes and checks...and some solids on the saddle shoes. All the years I was in Catholic school, we wore uniforms and saddle shoes. Those shoes had to be polished each and every night and placed outside the doors to our rooms for Sister to check. If they were not clean enough, we were admonished and had to spend time in the chapel the next day. That's Ok...we learned the importance of rules and the following of them. These definitely would have passed inspection with flying colors. Mine were NEVER this spiffy clean :-) This picture is a collage of different parts taken from the Mischief Circus Cool Kids Set and layered on top of one another. Have you ever dreamt that you were a Queen, a Hero or a Dream Day? I certainly have had lots of Dream/Wish Days. Right now I am dreaming and wishing for NO rain and LOTS of SUN!
The theme this week for Creative Tuesdays was "Striped Socks". I did manage to get the stripes....just not on the socks.

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  1. the collage is adorable, fresh take on the ct theme.

    have a lovely day.

  2. Hi Genie, nice to meet you! thank you for joining Creative Tuesdays. I love to meet other artists online and it's always fun to see collages to which are perfectly acceptable. While I'm not seeing "striped socks" per se, this is a fun piece with a lovely memory associated. thank you.

    I hope you continue with us. Please be sure ton include the name of the theme too somewhere in your posts. thank you for the link back and taking the time to do this. Welcome!

  3. I also wanted to add,that I LOVE that you did apaper doll cut out of sorts. Funny you did that as I was thinking that would make a great theme and both Alex and I are loving these sort of things. I LOVE the hat and dress and she's a perfect face for that sort of Alice in Wonderland look. Thanks again for taking the time to do this!! :)

  4. Very nice entry Genie. Oh watercolour crayons are very similar to watercolour pencils, just that they are crayons.

  5. Wonderful collage, especially with the added castle in the sky.

  6. You have really done a darling combination of strips and squares....I think her striped socks are in a drawer somewhere!!