Sunday, June 19, 2016

6--19-16 ~ Sunday Sketches and a Kite Challenge

After the horrendous and tragic Orlando Massacre and remembering the watercolor I did at the time of the Oklahoma Bombing, I thought I would try to sketch something that had a bit of meaning for all of us as well as having kites in it for the Three Muses challenge of "Kites". My son has a framed poster in his den that shows a little girl caring a sign with "Make Art Not War" on it. Here is a copy I found on the internet. 
That quote kept coming to me so here is my in contribution. Let us all be friends and love one another just like my two little girls. Note...I did not forget Alexandra's little bluebirds...
they are on the shoulders of the girls :-)

We are tearing up the uneven kitchen floor of our 110 year old house, and I have a pile of old vinyl tiles which I just cannot throw away. The idea came to me from some linoleum prints a friend of mine made years ago (Fannie Mennen) to see if I could sort of emulate them. You can see my carving in the first shot and what I created on my first try with the brayer in the second. I had not a clue what I was doing...I just started cutting VERY carefully. I added some of Tim Holtz's yellow distress ink and spattered it in an attempt to create some flowers.

These are some of the assignments from classes I am taking online.
 This is an old vintage photo copy with doodles on and around it.

All of the following are some of the lessons from online courses I am taking.


  1. Art not war is a wonderful concept. I'm also glad you found a use for the tiles. Your birdies are adorable too!

  2. I like the folk art quality of your kite picture, and I really like the textured and abstract look of your spattered flowers. Very nice.

  3. Lovely art not war piece. Beautiful pages from your class assignments too Genie!

  4. Hello Genie
    I find your pictures are great "works of art".
    Best wishes and a nice week.
    Greetings from the rainy Austria

  5. Busy week! :) Love your kites!! <3

  6. A wonderful post with so many lovely art pages.
    Art no war is a strong quote and your page looks fantastic.

  7. I wonder what on-line classes you are taking as your colourful sketches look terrific, each and every one. I especially like the birds.
    Your "Make art, not war" painting is magnificent, so touching with the little girls and the bluebirds and all the flowers, utterly delightful, one of the happiest paintings ever.

  8. what happened in Orlando is beyond horrible :( no reason besides hate for that to happen :(

    nice sketches tho, colour to brighten the day :)

  9. Art not War is a good motto. Great whimsy and color in your art!

  10. Hello Genie,
    Thank you for adding your thoughts on paper to my blog post:)

    I love how you are repurposing the vinyl tiles for art. The journal page has a cool effect from the print. And a beautiful tribute to Orlando.

  11. This is a beautiful post! Your works are darling -- I enjoy how you came up with the mixed media piece -- I know it's lots of fun to create different combinations -- beautiful tribute as well :)