Sunday, June 5, 2016

6-5-16 ~ Sunday Sketches

Once again it is time for our most special "Sunday Sketches" over at Alexandra's.
 Please come and join us to selects of precious pictures.
Her "Ladybug" watercolor is just too precious for words.

This week I had to have my pal of 16 years, Little Jack the Schnauzer, put down because of kidney failure, incontinence, and advanced dementia. I never knew dogs could get dementia, but Jack was having a terrible time getting lost and just not responding. He laid in his little bed crate almost all day. It has broken my heart as I have never killed or had to have a doctor put down any animal in my life. (a ground stinging bee hive attacking me and flies so not count) I had no idea how it was going to effect me, but there has been some real depression. As always, I draw to try to get over the doldrums so here is my first beginning sketch. Jack is NOT a girl, but I love bows so put them on him. The lighting was terrible this morning so please excuse the dark gritty places.

As the week went on, I decided to try to come up with something happy that included him so created... The Kerrs Creek 2016 Beauty Contest with him as the Judge from up in Doggie Heaven. In case you cannot read the names of the contestants here they are...
Edgar Egret
Kelly Kitty
Brenda Bluebird
Matilda Mouse
Claudette Cow
Roscoe Rabbit
As you notice, they all have their little red hearts on them.
Just hunt and you will see them.

I also did this little picture of Eloise and me (she calls me Baga or Bags) swinging from the big old tree in our front yard on the creek. It started out as a bunch of little pen and ink doodles and ended up like this. I am here in Richmond with her now because my 51 year old son flew into DC on business from Seattle and drove over to see his brother and me. That's one reason for the crummy photos taken in the bedroom with little light and my iPhone...trying NOT to awaken my boys and Patti.

Over Memorial Day Eloise, Gene, and Patti came over to our place and brought Sage, Eloise's pal who is like a member of the family. I had just gotten a new journal so decided to let her create the cover. I had her using gesso, Tim Holtz distress paints and some of his stencils, his texture paste, watercolors and acrylics. I was amazed at what she did. She and Eloise are so talented and adore doing these things with Baga.

I hope all of your have a wonderful paint filled week.
We start tomorrow ripping up the floor in the kitchen of our 100+ year old house. 
It is bowing up in the middle so we need to see what is happening.
Oh, how i dread the mess. 
We are also going to recover the washroom and dining room floors, and Buddy is treating me to all new stainless steel appliances:  electric stove, fridge with the huge freezer at bottom, and a dishwasher that will wash SMALL cycles using only the top shelf. Those 24 month to pay without any interest Lowe's offers at Memorial saved our lives this time. 
Now, all we have left are the labor costs.....UGH! A frightening thought.


  1. It is always a tough thing of having to let go a family member. I am sorry for your loss, Genie. Good for you and Jack that you were able to make the decision.
    Your pages are beautiful. While I don't envy you for having to do the work, I do wish I were living in a 100+ year old house.
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I am so sorry about your sweet doggie. I know that is so hard.... but love the sketch you did to honor him. Great job. Your page is really pretty and colorful and makes me happy!! I am visiting from Sunday Sketches. I hope you have a great new week!!

  3. So sorry about your dog, and interesting the progress of doggie dementia, similar to humans. Very happy work this week anyway!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. You did your best for him. Your illustrations are lovely.

  5. I love the color and form on your illustrations :)

  6. Hi Genie, I lost our dog of fourteen years ago already two years ago, but you never forget a dear loyal friend. Now we have a new dog Ollie, but it took a while before I was ready to have a new dog. I love your drawings and paintings!

  7. Hi Genie, its a sad thing to loose a much loved pet. Think of the happy times you had with Jack. Your pages are wonderful and the beauty contest I'm sure your Jack would have loved. Your art is inspiring.

  8. Aww, super cute doodles and art, Genie. I LOVE your scottie. What a cute coat! :)

  9. That's so sad losing your dog like this, but you did the right thing for him of course.
    Your drawing of him is so delightful, with his pretty checked coat and I'm glad you gave him a nice job to do in heaven in his new coat with a heart. The candidates for the Beauty contest are marvellous, what a terrific idea, but I don't know how he can possible choose a winner. My money is on one of Kelly Kitty, Claudette Cow or Roscoe Rabbit, but each of the six deserves a story, they are such interesting characters.
    And that's such a lovely painting with you and Eloise on the swings with the big tree and pretty flowers.
    Sage's painting is great too, how easily children make fabulous colourful art.
    Good luck with all the house changes, stressful at the time but how lovely when they are completed.