Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Day of School Rednesday

Thanks to Vicki’s guidance over at Cherry Chick, I was finally able to figure out how to put together a mosaic of photos.  It took me all afternoon to make it work, but “I DID IT!” Don’t ever let anyone tell you you are too old to learn something new. Since today was our last day of middle school for the year, I decided to take some red shots from around and about out building. If any of you are interested in putting one together, you will need to connect your blog to your Flickr account first....that was my boo-boo. The mosaic instructional site is:  favorite mosaics on Flickr. Again, thanks to Vicki we have that address.
1. Obey 2. Need Coffee 3. Red Lot 4. Lunch Read 5. The Queen’s Throne 6. Room with a View 7. Oldies Found 8. Fun Day 9. Rockbridge Middle 10. Stuff 11. Waiting for Snow 12. Fire Drill 13. Duck 14. Pi Day 15. Recycle 16. Come In


  1. You did an awesome job with your Rednesday Mosaic! I'm so happy for you and impressed! You can actually save the mosaic that you create as a picture on your computer and then upload it to your blog. You don't actually "have" to connect to a Flickr but it is easier that way.
    I love the technology and kudos to your daughter for sharing with us.

  2. I may need your help on that one....when I post a comment on my blog after you post one to me, do you get a copy of it? I have been wondering about that.