Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Quilted Sleeve for My New Play Toy!

Friday afternoon I bit the bullet and bought myself the cutest LITTLE Acer notebook computer. It is itty-bitty and weighs next to nothing compared to my MacBookPro. The model had been disconued, so I was able to get the display one for 1/3 off....QUITE THE GOOD DEAL! The little black thingy is an external CD Rom Drive.  The notebooks are just to small to have one built in. After bringing it home, I figured out it would fit perfectly into one of my Vera Bradley older backpacks, but it still needed some sort of a sleeve for a bit more protection.  Back to WallyWorld I went and bought a tacky, polyester hot pink with blueish-green polkadots all over it....YUCK! Well, I hit my Honey Bun stash of Moda and found some Aviary pieces in muted greens, blues, and pinks which I used to create a quilted cover to hide the hot pink. When I showed up at work with it today, the teachers told me I needed to post it on my blog. It took no time at all to put together, and I LOVE IT!  Even at my age, I’m like a little kid when I get my hands on a new “play toy!”  This one is going to be GREAT!


  1. Genie...Saw your comments on my latest post..lol! Honey, that's just the office...you haven't even seen the kitchen decked out with ME "stuff"
    I'm loving the little case you whipped up for your new notebook. What's the black ribboned thingy?? Just curious.

  2. It is my external CC Rom Drive....the notebooks are toooooo small to have then built in. It is pretty nifty, too. Need to go back and add it to my entry...thanks for the reminder. Genie

  3. hi Genie,
    how are you doing ,i thought of visiting you on this blog too .and its really beautiful you are much taledted dear and i liked the little nate book , i am too planning to buy one tiny onefrom quit some time lets see when?.
    beautiful stitching projects.

  4. So good to hear form you, Rachana.....thanks for visiting my “buttons” site. YOur kind comments always brighten my day. Hugs..Genie