Monday, September 6, 2010

My First 9 Match Boxes Are Complete...Only 16 To Go!

I have never participated in a swap before joining “A Swap for all Seasons”, so I have been treading on unknown territory.   Not having a clue as to how to begin, I just started fumbling along one box at a time.  I have finished all 25 boxes inside and out, but I do not have all of the goodies completed which go inside of each.  I didn’t want the backs of the boxes to be without embellishments so took the time to do both sides.  I painted the inside boxes and I decorated both sides of the number tags...just did not want them to flip around and not be complete on the back side.  They are typical of me at Christmas....lots of red and green with buttons and bows and more primitive and childlike than formal. I hope the 25 girls who receive them are not going to be too disappointed with my first attempt.  When I look at the ones completed by the old hands at swaps, I am really intimidated.  Vicki has kept my spirits up since the beginning and my daughter has been supportive, too. I really want to have a record of what I have done for the future so have decided to post the fronts and backs of each little box once it is complete with the goodie inside. The little trinkets unpins have come from searching endlessly at out local antique mall and flea markets. If you take lots of time and search diligently through all the cases, you can some up with some pretty neat old pieces of jewelry. As of this afternoon 9 are finished and here they are.
Box #2

Box #3

Box #4

Box #5

Box #6

Box #7

Box #8

Box #9


  1. Oh girl! You have put in some serious work on your cute little boxes. You have far more patience than I. I'm sure every one of the ladies will be delighted when they receive your packages. I'm looking forward to seeing the next dozen or

  2. How pretty! I like the charms/vintage pieces you are putting in them.
    Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend.

  3. Genie, these are so cute! It looks like so much fun. I can just imagine you smilin' and buzzin' around getting those done. (Well, that's how I would be, so I imagine everyone else is that way too.)

  4. Genie, You are doing a fantastic job with your boxes! Everyone will LOVE them! The little vintage pins are precious! Linda