Monday, June 28, 2010

The Farmer’s Market with Eloise

The joys of summer and our local farmer’s market are innumerable.  I cannot wait to hop out of bed each Saturday morning to drive down the the Virginia Horse Center to see my friends and all the goodies they have brought for me to eat during the week.  It is like one big happy family enjoying a Saturday morning tea party together.  This week was the best!  The berries and the flowers were divine, the corn was at its best, and the breads and sweet rolls were  to die for.  Now my little dining room table looks pretty and smells so good. It’s gonna be a good while yet before we start harvesting from our own gardens....that is IF the deer and other varmints don’t come in for some free food!

“Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They Probably get jet-lagged, just like people.
~Elizabeth Berry


  1. looks like a great day spent at the market... we love going to them. Have a great week...Mica

  2. Mica...It was a wonderful time....since I know the people there it is extra special ...I taught some of their children, so there is always lots of good chatter along with theta good FRESH food.....hugs, Genie

  3. Hi Genie, thanks for stopping by my blog!! You know there's something about that Mary Engelbriet stuff! I think for me it's the cherries!! and the old fashioned girly feel of it. I am so eclectic in decorating! I mainly use her in my kitchen! It's cuz of the cherries!! I am a new Grandma!!(Grannie Frannie that's what they're calling me!!LOL) There are alot of Grandmas in Caylee's life! LOL I just love Farmers Markets too! Our town doesn't have one, but we go to other ones. I love when the flowers are available! I just put flowers in my bedroom last night in a canning jar and I got them from around the yard and the end of the street! Just alittle gift from God!! I hope to see your little pin cushion when you do it! I knew I'd get alot of people thinking about doing it. Hey maybe we should have a post about that for a challenge! LOL Have a great day!! XO Fran.

  4. Oh, Fran.....Let’s do it! That would be sosososoooooo NEAT! I have my black patent leathers and my old antique leather one....remember, at 71, I am an antique, too :-). I do not have a clue how to do the Linky thingy, but I will help us do it in anyway I can. Just let me know. It is such a nicer idea to me to use them as pin cushions than to bronze them. I never did like that, but then everyone is a bit different....that is what makes life interesting. Keep in Hugs and thanks for the visit.......Miss Genie

  5. Oh, My goodness.... Eloise is the cutiest!
    Have a good night~