Thursday, July 8, 2010

“On The Road” Quilters Kit

Since I decided to try to try to finish a quilt top I started last summer, it was necessary to pull out my quilting supplies.  Looking at this little case I made to take with me to school or in the car, I thought I would share with you how I made it.

On the internet I found the sweetest little pattern for a tea pot, so I pulled out some of my favorite remnants of flannel and appliqued them to the top.
The little kit is basically a sandwich made up of a top, a middle of batting, and a back out of a coordinated flannel.
As you can see, this little kit hold a whole lot of “Stuff” every quilter needs.  I stitched different sized pockets to hold the different tools I always need.
These are all the items I am able to carry in the kit, and I could even add more if needed.  It really does work well.  When I designed it, I did not take into account the size of the cutting board so it does stick out a little bit above the edge when the kit is closed over on itself and tied. Hey, no one is perfect...right????
I used the material above the pockets for pins, needles, and safety pins.  I cannot do without them close at hand. This area is basically my pin cushion! Once I completed the little project I still had some pieces of the flannel left over so I decided to make myself a pin cushion.  Well, I LOVE IT!  I use is all the time. 
I did not have a pattern for any of was a “do as you go” project which turned out to be one of my favorites and most useful.  Only the teapot design came from a pattern. I have lots more tools that are not in this kit, but it does hold everything I need if I am on the road or anywhere away from home and want to sew or quilt.


  1. This is sooo adorable! And so is your sweet blog! Welcome to Blog Land!

  2. Thanks so much, Brenda. I left you a comment on your post with the red chairs and a thank you for making reference to my blog. That was so very kind of you. Thanks for visiting and please come back. Hugs, Genie

  3. I am a beginner quilter. I haven't even sew a stitch since home economics in high school. I feel better that you have unfinished material since I have a few projects going and am currently stuck.
    I'm looking forward to learning much from you.

  4. I love kits....and although I am not a quilter, I am a great admirer of the skill of quilting.The kit you put together looks so handy. Seems like you made t possible to take your quilting on the road; everything you need is right there. Now, that's a good craft!!


  5. I would love to know the dimensions of your 'kit'! Please please share!! :) Welcome to Blogland!