Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summertime Is Time to Finish Quilts Sitting In the “To DO" Basket

     Ever since school let out for the summer, I have been cleaning and playing on my computer.  I’ve made some more of my "100 Dress Challenge” dresses for Little Dresses for Africa, some squares for "Rainbow Around the Block", several of Anna Maria Horner’s “I Want One of Everything Bags”, but sadly, my quilting has been put on the back burner.  Today I got up and told myself to get out the pink lap quilt I started LAST summer and see if I could finish it within the next week. It would be a way to keep mind off of the fact I’m covered in chigger bites and they are itching me to the point I am ready to scream. I wonder which will end first....the new bites appearing and itching or the quilt getting completed. We shall see.  Sorry about the quality of the photograph of the quilt top, but I have not as yet figured out how to properly photograph quilts in progress. It is made from Moda Jelly Roll pieces of fabric, but I do not remember which collection I was using.  It is pale yellows, greens, and pinks, and the backing is a lovely little yellow print which will blend in well. I put Prairie Points on along the top and bottom edges.

The Backing

Prairie Points

I was fortunate in that WallyWorld...AKA WalMart... is now carrying a 80% cotton/20% polyester batting at $11.00 for a double bed sizing so I did not have to drive 100 miles round trip to Michael’s to buy the cotton Heirloom batting. That put a smile on my face.
So here is where I am at plugging away.  I’ve cut out the batting and because I am old and used to doing it “my way” dating back 50 years, I hand basted the batting to the top with a dark blue thread starting at the top and working down every two inches to the bottom.  After that I cut out the backing strips and have them sewn them to either side of the backing and across one end. I refuse to buy more fabric to equalize the strips of the back because I made a promise to myself that I would use only what I had on hand...with the exception of the batting which I needed. Now let’s see how far I get today. That answer is up for grabs!


  1. Oh, Genie! I love those colors. It's a darling quilt. You be careful with your back though. ;-)Yikes...50 miles to a Michaels! I whine about the 5 miles to mine but not anymore. I will be more grateful. Wally World is 3 miles I think. I'll be waiting for the 'completed' quilt photo.

  2. Trying to attach the back to the quilt is not working out well with MB (Mister Back), but I an persevering. Yep, we live a LONG ways from any of the stores that crafters, quilters, and seamstresses need and like to visit. WallyWorld ran all the little people out of sad. I miss out little mom and pop stores. It was 100 degrees in town this afternoon!!! Hugs, Genie

  3. Love those colors together. So sweet! Hope you get done before the chiggers get you. I thought we had it bad with June bugs the size of Buicks, but chiggers just sounds so much worse. This quilt will be so lovely and I think you're very clever to just put together your traveling quilting packet.

  4. Hi there Miss Sweet Bee.....What in the world are June Bugs??? I feel so ignorant. Not until I moved to VA did I learn about chiggers. Growing up in Florida all we had were roaches, scorpions, and mosquitoes. I really think chigger are better than those three. Hope to finish the quilt this week...HOPE is the key word :-) Hugs, Genie

  5. Hi Genie, That is a really nice quilt. I can see it is not only in the west and within the confines of Mormon Country that quilting is a thing of interest. My mom use to do a lot of it as did most of the ladies there.

    Don't you just hate those chiggers. We had June bugs like crazy where I grew up but no chiggers. I learned about them in Kansas years ago. I never did learn more about them until I moved Missouri a few years and really got introduced to them.

    If you don't mind a shameless plug for some folks that sure helped me. Maybe they will be of help to you and some of your readers. They sure did make my life more comfortable.

    chigger treatment. I don't recommend a lot of things, but when something actually does what it says it will I like to help others if I can.

    Waiting to see the finished quilt. Have a great day and an even better tomorrow.

  6. Kathleen...thanks for the visit. Please let me know what it is your friends told you would help with the misery of multiple chigger bites. I am dying to know. Will post my quilt once it is DONE!!! I have given myself the week to TRY to finish it, so I have my work cut out for me! Hugs, Genie