Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alphabe Thursday ~ 10-28-10 ~ The Letter “F”

                                "F" Stands for Family Reunion Fun

This summer our family came together for one of our best family reunions ever. One son and his family flew in from the Pacific Northwest and my daughter and her family drove down from the Eastern Shore. My other son  his family, our best friend, Grand Bud and I were all from here in Virginia.

Sadly the trip had a tragic start. One of my granddaughter's cats was killed Friday night before we were all leaving on Saturday. There was time for a little funeral for our beloved Shirley who left behind her sister, Laverne and her sad family. Then we were off in a caravan...3 cars: 2 sons and their families in 2 cars, Grand Bud and me in a 3rd, and our best friend in a 4th.

All 16 of us had FUN in our BIG house
We had FUN playing in the ocean.
We had FUN playing inside.
We had FUN sitting, walking, and playing on the beach.
We had FUN eating.
We had FUN sightseeing.
We just had FUN being together.

It was absolutely the most wonderful week Grandma Baga and Grand Bud could ever ask for. Now we just have to wait 3 more years for the next seems like a long time now, but if it is like the past, the days, months, and years will fly by and suddenly we will all be together again.

Yes, "F" this week is for Family Reunion Fun!

Here are some of my favorite photos from this most memorable gathering.



  1. What a great family get-together. It looks like everyone id indeed have fun in spite of the the tragic beginning.

  2. A family gathering at the beach looks like it was a great idea. Everyone looks like they had fun.

  3. What a lovely family you have. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time despite loss of dear Shirley. La

  4. Glad to see the family got through all together!

  5. Fantastic photos of family gathering! This kind of memory will live on until next time.

  6. Family reunions at the shore are THE BEST! What a great place to relax and get caught up on what everyone is doing. Great pix, too!

  7. What great fun - and the perfect setting for all ages.

  8. I want to come to your next family reunion. Your family looks like more fun than my family! LOL

  9. GREAT photos. Where exactly in Virginia did you stay? That place looks incredible!


  10. What fun - families really need time together, and at the beach -what fun!

  11. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time. Glad you got to experience it!

  12. I'm sorry about Shirley. It looks like the family togetherness and joy helped with the healing.

    Your pictures are fantastic.

    I really enjoyed my stop here this week for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "F".

    You all look so happy.


  13. I love all of your fun and family can tell how much you all enjoy being together! Great smiles! Sorry about your granddaughter's cat, not a great way to start a weekend!