Sunday, January 2, 2011

My CSN Gift Arrived!

Back in November I found out I’d won a CSN giveaway from Angie over at Free Spirit Haven. Well, being the put-offer I am, it took me a while of looking, but FINALLY I decided on what I wanted....and here it is. My gift is a wonderful Carson magnification lamp that works either on batteries or with an AC adaptor. I can use it on my table to magnify whatever it is I cannot see with my OLD eyes, or I can set it to the side of me on the chair I’m sitting in and use it right there. It is GREAT! I used my $45.00 gift card for something I really needed, and I am one happy camper. Thank you so very much, Angie, for your gift. Whenever I am using it, I will think of you and our friendship.

Here is a precious picture I found when I visited Angie’s site this morning, and I just wanted for more of you to get to see it. I realize it it a day late for New Year’s Day, but it was just so sweet I though Angie would like it if I shared it with all of you, too. Oh, how I love vintage photography and cards! The innocence of them is so beautiful. Just look at those dear little faces...being a knitter I especially like the little girl with her needles and yarn. I am wishing the happiest of what the New Year has to bring to all of my blogger friends. I will be thinking of you in the days to come.I give thanks to all of you for your unfailing friendship this past year. You have brought me such happiness and added so much good to my life.

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  1. Loving the goodies that you were so blessed to receive girl!! Those beads are perfect when you use that awesome CSN find.....yes, I too love that pic that you brought over here also..That is also my pray for all of us bloggers that have been brought together like this. Blessings dear one..((hugs)) love ya sis.