Saturday, July 30, 2016

7-30-16 ~ A Good Week ~ Poison Ivy Better

 This is a drawing I made from John's at Sinbad and I on the Loose 
 trying to learn the stippling technique. The picture was taken with a 50mm lens on my Canon because of John's suggestion. It was not cropped. The background does not look white because I was using  a Swarthmore journal with wonderful tan pages that are amazingly sturdy. 

 My idea of some abstract flowers with stippling.
I love doing pieces like this while the TV is on.

 This is a watercolor of a Grecian Windflower from the "Seeing Flowers" book.

 A watercolor of Buddy's first redish sunflower in the garden.

 Do you remember the song Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim and his ukulele?
Watercolors-Pen and Ink
I promise you...there is NO poison ivy in this tulip bed :-)

My Etegami for the Week

The Dam over the Maury River at Jordan Point, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA
This is where I go to walk when I am in town.
 It is a beautiful spot with a nice path and LOTS of shade.

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  1. Oh Genie, I so love your art...I don't know which of these I like best. They are all just wonderful. Just beautiful!

  2. A fabulous selection of journal pages. the bird and the abstract flowers are wonderful.
    You have me humming Tip toe though the tulips now. Its a lovely page and you created a beautiful background scene for the sweet little girl.
    Good to read you are feeling better this week
    Yvonne xx

  3. i'm so impressed with john's work. very cool you're learning it! very nice. and, yes, i remember the song, too.

  4. Your pages look so beautiful, the flowers are gorgeous. And your stippling is coming along great. Maybe one day I'll try that technique, too, but for now I have got enough other things to learn.

  5. Beautiful pages and you are learning too. What a magical spot in your photo I want to be there

  6. Such a sweet series of drawings Genie, love the wee bluebird that often makes an appearance😃 So happy to hear that the poison ivy situation is under control, that would have been too horrible! Hope that you are having a lovely weekend.

  7. each piece is a joy to see.
    charming art each one.

  8. Genie ~ so glad to see you here and that you are better ~ Was hoping everything was okay ~ Your creations are all very different and yet each one is special ~ Great job on the etegami ~ love it ~

    Happy days to you ~ ^_^

  9. What lovely drawings! I love the bird and the flowers especially.

  10. What a fun and delightful post genie, so many wonderful drawings and artwork. I love to do ink drawings too. I find them so relaxing.
    Love the etegami too.

  11. I like all your art pieces, but I'm particularly amazed by that gorgeous bird you illustrated using the stippling technique. That area by the Maury River looks like a great place to take photographs, sketch, or just sit and relax. Blessings!

  12. What a delightful post, Genie! You are getting very good with the stippling technique...well done! I want to get one of the Strathmore journals with tan pages. The colour is great for sketching people where the tan paper is used as the mid-tone.

    Have a lovely week. :)

  13. my favorites are the red sunflower and the clock :) It´s cool :)

  14. I love that first stippled piece! Very cool!

  15. I'm in love with your bird drawing and clock sketch!
    I've been wanting to do etegami and how fun to know my word doodles remind you of etegami!
    Thank you for your visit last Sunday. I'm a late getting back to everyone for a visit.